WISH Malvern PA 2019

🌺 Mood 🌺__Flowers on my mind...

Flowers on my Mind Malvern PA 2019

Magic is in the details🍂__#nature #stre

Magic is in the Details Malvern PA winter 2018

Sacred Geometry 2 Longwood gardens 2019

The Trees Know 🌳🌳🌳 #trees #trunks #pa

The Trees Know Longwood Gardens 2018

Spent the whole day at Longwood Gardens.

patterns + contrast Longwood gardens 2018

Good Morning little Songbird 🎶__#singin

The lonely little Songbird Malvern 2018

Got Teeth___#zebra #safari #teeth #wild

Get Wild Safari Zebra Georgia 2018

The HIGH museum of Art Atlanta 2017

look up at the trees

Look up at the Trees Willistown PA 2019

○● Sacred Geometry ●○

Sacred Geometry Longwood Gardens Feb 2019

PEACEFUL HILLS Northern California 2005


SEAGRASS South Carolina 2008

Daddy's glasses are the best...

The Sun in my Eyes Atlanta 2017


Blooms in her Eyes Longwood Gardens PA 2019

CLOUDS Georgia 2002

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